BRITA fill&enjoy Marella Blue 3.5 l incl. 1 MAXTRA+

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Comes with the new MicroFlow Technology

The BRITA Marella jug now comes in various bright colours. But these models don't just look good: the patented MAXTRA+ filtration technology reduces limescale and impurities that impair taste in your drinking water quickly and easily.   

  • MAXTRA+ MicroFlow Technology MAXTRA+ MicroFlow Technology
    The unique MAXTRA+ filtration technology reduces limescale and substances that impair taste, such as chlorine. Even metals such as lead or copper that sometimes occur in domestic plumbing are filtered out. For soft water, aromatic coffee and tea. It's also good for your domestic appliances, as they are effectively protected against the build-up of limescale.
    for soft, great tasting water.
  • Flip top lid for easy single handed filling
  • "BRITA Memo" electronic cartridge exchange indicator The "BRITA Memo"
    The clever "BRITA Memo" takes away all your worries, leaving you to simply enjoy: the electronic cartridge indicator counts down the time since the filter cartridge was last replaced and tells you when to change the cartridge.
  • Dimensions:
    3.5 litres (2.0 litres of filtered water): 25.6 x 25.8 x 14.7 cm
  • 1 free MAXTRA+ cartridge

Article number: 1024052

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