BRITA fill&enjoy Elemaris Black 3.5 l incl. 1 MAXTRA+

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Comes with the new MAXTRA+ filter technology

The BRITA Elemaris jug combines modern design with the latest technology to deliver optimum convenience: the Premium model is the only model to offer the intelligent BRITA Meter which uses
three different ways (volume of water, water hardness and time) to determine when the filter cartridge needs replacing. This means you can always enjoy BRITA filtered water at its best.  

  • MAXTRA+ MicroFlow TechnologyMAXTRA+ MicroFlow Technology
    The unique MAXTRA+ filtration technology reduces limescale and substances that impair taste, such as chlorine. Even metals such as lead or copper that sometimes occur in domestic plumbing are filtered out. For soft water, aromatic coffee and tea. It's also good for your domestic appliances, as they are effectively protected against the build-up of limescale.
    for soft, great tasting water
  • Automatic pour through opening for easy filling
  • Ergonomic soft grip handle, non-slip base
  • Innovative BRITA Meter cartridge replacement indicator The BRITA Meter
    Thanks to our intelligent filter assistance, you can always enjoy soft and great tasting water: the BRITA METER determines the optimum time to replace the cartridge, depending on the volume of water filtered, water hardness and the time since the cartridge was last replaced. This unique technology is integrated into the BRITA Premium Elemaris model 

    How to activate the BRITA Meter The BRITA Meter
    To activate BRITA METER press ”START” button for approx. six seconds until all four bars appear in the display. Release the button as soon as the display starts flashing.
  • Dimensions:
    3.5 litres (2.2 litres of filtered water): 25.6 x 26.6 x 13.4 cm
  • 1 free MAXTRA+ cartridge

Article number: 1024031

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