Each of us interprets well-being differently: a delicious pasta dish, an aromatic cup of tea or an hour at the gym. Water almost always plays a role in our well-being — regardless of whether it's in preparing food or drinks or as a fresh source of energy through the day.

As a family company, we are especially aware of the importance of family. We want you and your family to be well, which is why we develop products that you can use to contribute to the well-being of your family as a whole. 
Markus Hankammer, CEO
Foodstuff: water

Foodstuff: water
When it comes to our bodies and well-being, water has many wonderful properties. You will have often heard how important it is to drink regularly, as water allows our bodies to utilise foodstuffs and flush out toxins. It stimulates the circulation and helps towards a radiant complexion. You should enjoy around eight glasses of BRITA filtered water every day!

Water gets you into shapeWater gets you into shape
If you want to do something to stay slim, you should drink a lot of water. An old trick is to drink a glass of water before meals so that your stomach feels full quickly, and a glass of water between meals also restricts your appetite for calorie-rich snacks. Scientists have also discovered that water boosts the metabolism, which can also help with losing weight.
What should water taste of?

What should water taste of?
Do you sometimes eat quickly on the run because you are short of time again? Afterwards you can hardly remember whether you enjoyed your food and what it tasted of. Enjoyment is crucial for personal well-being, so you should focus on taste during your next meal. BRITA filtered water allows the aromas to develop more fully — and everything tastes like it should.