Domestic filters

BRITA is the inventor of household water filters and constantly strives to evolve, innovate, and improve its products.

BRITA: inventor of table water filter jugs

For 50 years, BRITA has been providing users with optimised drinking water in the form of table water filter jugs - for easy and convenient use. Many users consequently use BRITA optimised water as an ideal thirst quencher. When heated, BRITA optimised water helps release the intense flavour of tea, and prevents unsightly staining on the cup. Coffee can also develop its full flavour, and forms an appetising crema. Food such as vegetables, rice or pasta retain their natural consistency and colour after cooking. At the same time, limescale deposits in domestic appliances and pots are reduced, which in turn extends their lifespan and helps save energy.

Using the jug is easy and convenient: The mains water is filled into the funnel of the water filter and flows from the funnel through the filter cartridge containing ion exchange resin and activated carbon according to the principle of gravity. While the ion exchange resin reduces limescale (carbonate hardness) and metals, such as lead and copper that result from domestic installations, the activated carbon reduces substances that can impair the taste, such as chlorine. After eight weeks the cartridge is exhausted and must be replaced. BRITA cartridge replacement displays such as "Memo" or "BRITA Meter" provide convenient reminders for users of the optimal point of replacement.

The food grade quality of all BRITA jugs and the original BRITA filter cartridge is regularly certified by TÜV.