Facts and figures

Facts & figures

The most important facts of the globally successful expert in the area of drinking water optimisation. BRITA is on course for growth, expansion and innovation.

Facts and figures BRITA GmbH/BRITA Group

1966 by Heinz Hankammer
Taunusstein (near Wiesbaden), Germany
Corporate structure
Owner-managed family company
Limited liability company (GmbH) under German law
Markus Hankammer
Number of Employees worldwide
Number of Employees in Germany
Sales turnover - worldwide (in € millions)
2001: 134
2002: 162
2003: 172
2004: 183
2005: 191
2006: 218
2007: 255
2008: 275
2009: 283
2010: 303
2011: 321
2012: 322
2013: 333
2014: 362
2015: 429
2016: 469
Production plants
Germany, UK, Switzerland, Italy, China
Sales & distribution
Worldwide on all continents
The BRITA Group (BRITA GmbH and its subsidiaries)
BRITA GmbH, Germany (Headquarters)
BRITA Water Filter Systems Distributors Pty Ltd., Australia
BRITA China Co. Ltd., China
BRITA China Manufacturing Co. Ltd., China
BRITA S.A.R.L., France
BRITA Water Filter Systems Ltd., UK
BRITA Hong Kong Ltd., Hong Kong
BRITA Italia s.r.l. Unipersonale, Italy
BRITA Japan KK, Japan
BRITA Polska S.p.z.o.o., Poland
BRITA AG, Switzerland
BRITA Iberia S.L., Spain
BRITA Taiwan Co. Ltd., Taiwan
BRITA Turkey Su Cözümleri Ltd. Sirketi, Turkey
MAVEA Canada Inc., Canada
BRITA Ionox Deutschland GmbH, Germany
BRITA Yource GmbH, Germany
Asset s.r.l., Italy
Vivreau Limited, UK
Vivreau USA LP, USA
Vivreau Canada Inc., Canada
BRITA Vivreau B.V., Netherlands
WaterWonder B.V., Netherlands
BRITA Vivreau B.V.B.A., Belgium

Product portfolio

BRITA Consumer

Products for private households
  • Water filter jugs
  • Pipe-connected filter systems for BRITA optimized water straight from the dispenser: "On Line Active", “On Line Active Direct”, “On Line Active Plus”
  • “On Tap” filters fixed directly to a water tap
  • “BRITA fill&go Vital”, “BRITA fill&go Active” (water filter bottles for out and about)
  • “BRITA fill&serve Mind” (water filter carafe)


Filter cartridges that are integrated into well-known brands of household appliances, i.e.
  • Kettles
  • Coffee and espresso machines
  • Electric household water dispenser
  • Fridges
  • Filter cartridges integrated into the kitchen sink, supplying BRITA optimised water straight from the dispenser


BRITA Professional

Commercial water filter systems and filter cartridges for hotel business, gastronomy, catering and vending appliances, such as
  • Coffee and espresso machines
  • Drinks/vending machines
  • Combi steamers & ovens
  • Dishwashers
  • Water dispensers
Pipe-connected water dispensers terms on standalone, on-table and under-the-sink systems for
  • Public buildings
  • Offices and industry
  • Schools
  • Catering industry
  • Hospitals and nursing homes

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