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Water Filter Bottle

On-the-go hydration

Discover innovative BRITA fill&go

Water filter bottles for cleaner, fresher tasting water – anytime, anywhere.

BRITA fill&go Active fresh lime

Water Filter Bottle Active

Water Filter Bottle Active

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Water Filter Bottle

Water Filter Bottle

Brita MicroDisc濾芯片

MicroDisc 濾芯片

MicroDisc 濾芯片


BRITA Active

Let great tasting BRITA filtered water energise your on-the-go lifestyle. The squeezable filter bottle is eco-friendly totally convenient. Practical to carry, with high quality BPA-free plastics.


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Why BRITA Water Filter Bottle?

Great tasting water

Turns tap water into great tasting, freshly filtered BRITA water.

Real-time filtration

The MicroDisc filters the water while you drink.


An ecological and convenient alternative to bottled water.


Benefit from budget-friendly advantages. And save money.

Daily hydration

Fits a healthy lifestyle and helps keep you hydrated all day.

German quality & design

Count on German quality. Enjoy appealing German design.





Save the environment

By drinking BRITA filtered water, you help reduce plastic waste!

Find out why!

BRITA 歷史 一杯水

Pure-Taste-Technology: What happens inside the BRITA MicroDisc?

Brita MicroDisc 濾芯片過濾水原理

Pure-Taste-Technology: What happens inside the BRITA MicroDisc?

Delivers a pure and fresh taste

Activated natural carbon made from coconut shells filters:

  • chlorine and other taste impairing substances
  • micro particles ≥ 30 μm

Preserves minerals:
Minerals such as calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) pass through the filter and remain in your water