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Website Terms of Use

The browsing of this website is operated and authorized by BRITA Taiwan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “this Company”). The service provided herein is subject to this website terms of use and other relevant regulations and public notice. If you have no intention to abide by any terms of use contained in this website, please stop browsing this website. By using this website service, you agree to abide by this website terms of use. Therefore, please peruse the contents of this website terms of use. You agree that this Company may revise this website terms of use any time in response to the operation needs, and this Company will not give notice to each user respectively. The most updated terms of use for this website will be published through a link on the home page of this website. Please read the terms of use every time before you browse this website in order to protect your right and interest. If you continue to use this website service after any revision or change of terms of use, it is deemed you have read, understood and agreed to relevant revision and change. If you do not agree to the revision or change of terms of use for this website, please stop using the service of this website and browsing this website page. If you are under twenty years old, please read and understand this website terms of use accompanied by your father, mother or guardian, and after with their consent, browse this website or use the service provided herein. When you browse this website or use the website service, it is presumed that your father, mother or guardian have already read, understood and agreed to this website terms of use.

【Protection of Personal Data】

This Company will, for the purpose of provision of this Company relevant services, promotion and marketing, collect, process and use your personal data every time when you use this website service or take part in activities. Please refer to privacy policy for relevant matters required to be informed with respect to personal data.

You agree that this Company may from time to time send product information to your email address. If you would like to subscribe, terminate the subscription or revise relevant subscription settings, you may link to this website to process subscription or cancellation.

This Company will comply with Personal Information Protection Act and relevant regulations in Taiwan, and will not use your personal information unless in compliance with this website terms of use, privacy right policy, or laws and regulations. Under the following circumstances, this Company is likely to provide your personal information to relevant authorities, or any third party who claims his/her right is infringed and presents official documents issued by judicial authorities:

  1. according to express provisions of laws, or according to court order or notice;
  2. this Company has taken appropriate safety measures;
  3. your personal data is in public domain by yourself or in lawful manner;
  4. academic institutions provide data for statistics based on public interest or necessary for academic research, and such data is unable to be identified as your personal data after data process or in its disclosure manner;
  5. data provision is made with your consent;
  6. it is necessary for the advance of public interest;
  7. it is made to protect your rights and interest.

This website may contain links to other platform due to advertisement or other cooperative promotion activities, the this website terms of use and privacy policy regulation will no longer apply when you click such links to other platform. You have to make your own judgment if such terms of use on platform provide sufficient protection to your rights and interest, and then decide if you will use such platform service.

【Method of Notice】

You agree that any act between you and this Company arising from the use or service of this website may be expressed by means of email, written document or text message. This Company may send you a notice by means of email, written document or text message, and you may also express a notice to this Company through this website.

【Intellectual Property Right 】

The copyright of this website belong to this Company. Without the written letter of consent of this Company or the copyright owner, any portion of this website may not be reproduced, distributed, published, displayed, broadcasted, hyperlinked, or transmitted in whatever manner or form, nor shall be placed into any data search system. The text of this written letter of consent shall cover the following two points: 1. authorization granted to you to download or print this website data for individual, non-commercial use. 2. your warrant that you will not make any change to the data provided by this website; you agree to keep the representation about copyright and other proprietary right in the contents. If you breach any above mentioned provisions and terms, this letter of consent will immediately become invalid. Once this letter of consent becomes invalid, you have to immediately destroy any data downloaded or printed from this website. Meanwhile, you may not “mirror” any data of this website to any other server without the consent of this Company.

All the service marks and marks appearing during the use of this website (i.e. “Trademark”) are the registered or unregistered trademarks of this Company or other companies. Any contents of this website shall not be interpreted as implied authorization, restriction to this Company, or any other forms of proof permitting the use of Trademarks without the written consent of this Company or other trademark owners. This Company strongly demands the protection of its intellectual property right to the utmost extent permitted under the laws. The name or Trademarks of this Company shall not be used in the advertisement or promotion of this website or any other forms of use without this Company’s written consent. This Company further forbids the use of BRITA trademark as “Hot Key” to connect to this Company’s website unless with this Company’s prior written consent.

All the contents of this website, including but not limited to: product photos and videos, model photos, art illustration, platform structure, programming design, platform display arrangement, design layout, trademark, other marks or information, etc., are all objects attaching the intellectual property rights lawfully owned by this Company and relevant right owners, subject to the protection of Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Patent Law, Trade Secret Law and Fair Trade Law, not to be used without the prior permission or authorization of this Company or right owner so as to avoid any liability for infringement or violation of laws.

【Service Termination and Disclaimer Declaration 】

You will on your own bear all the risks of using this website.

We do not guarantee that there will be no interruption or malfunction in this website, nor will we guarantee that this website will not be attacked by virus or other harmful objects. If there is any inconvenience in your use, data loss, error, data tamper or other damage arising therefrom, this Company will not bear any responsibility therefor.

If your use, access or download of any data of this website result in virus infection to your computer equipment or other property, this Company will not bear any obligation or responsibility for any damage arising therefrom. It is advisable to take protection measures on your own when you use this website. When permitted under the laws of Republic of China, you agree to take responsibility on your own for any damage arising from use or access this website and will not request for indemnification against this Company, its officers, directors, employees, suppliers and computer programmers.

Under no circumstances shall this Company be liable for any unlimited, direct, indirect, special or consequential damage or any economic loss or expenses due to the following reasons:

  1. any damage arising from link, use, inappropriate link, misuse of this website, or reliance on the contents of this website.
  2. any damage arising from system, server or internet connection crash, error, omission, interruption, transmission delay, or computer virus infection.
  3. any damage resulting from any link or use of link provided by this website.
  4. any damage resulting from product, service or information provided by vendors or service providers.

You agree that when you use the hyperlink provided by this website, you will bear all the risks arising therefrom on your own and take the responsibility for any damage on your own.

This Company will maintain regular operation of this website in the safety manner and technology meeting current reasonable expectation. Under the following situations, this Company is entitled to suspend the service provision of this website, in whole or in part, without the obligation of prior notice to you, and this Company will not take the responsibility of any damages or compensation for any direct or indirect damage arising therefrom:

1. removal, replacement, upgrade, maintenance or repair of this website related software and hardware.

2. any termination or interruption resulting from natural disaster or other events of force majeure.

3. any service interruption due to telecommunication or website company, or any service termination or interruption due to causes not attributable to this Company.

4. any data indicating error, fake, tampering, deletion or capture, or system interruption or malfunction, resulting from outside forces on this website.

5. suspension or termination of services provided to users who are in violation of this website terms of use, or laws and regulations.

6. other situations that this Company considers necessary to suspend or terminate service.

With regard to foreseeable software/hardware maintenance plan which may result in suspension or terminations of website service, this Company will issue public notice on this website in proper manner before the occurrence of such situation as much as possible.

【Data Transmission】

Any data, information or thoughts that you transmit or register to this website in whatever form shall be deemed non-confidential and non-proprietary data, and can be used by this Company for any purpose, including but not limited to the dissemination or use for product development, manufacture and sale. Any illegal, threatening, obscene pornography, spreading rumors, inflammatory words, or any contents in violation of the laws of Republic of China, are not permitted to register or transmit to this website.


In order to protect the rights and interest of all users of this website, this Company may suspend or terminate your membership or refuse your use of the service of this website, in whole or in part in the event of any one of the following situations:

  1. you provide wrong or false information for registration.
  2. you steal other’s information without his/her consent or commit any other data theft.
  3. you cancel any service already applied due to your personal factors and without prior notice, or beyond this Company regulation.
  1. you cancel or change any applied installation service without prior notice.
  2. you cancel or change any applied maintenance service without prior notice.
  1. it is considered by this Company that you engage in frequent violations of this website regulations attributable to your personal factors.
  2. you harass or behave inappropriately towards this Company customer service department.
  3. you engage in other violation of this website terms of use, violation of laws, failure to comply with mutual agreement, or willful misuse of customer right and interest to service.

You agree that this Company may, without your consent, suspend or terminate your membership or refuse your use of this website service, in whole or in part, according to this website terms of use, and this Company will not be liable for any obligation or responsibility to you or any third party.

【Validity, Governing Law, and Court of Jurisdiction of this letter of consent】

If any provision of this website terms of use is held to be invalid, in whole or in part, the remaining terms of use shall remain in full force and will not be affected by the invalid provision. The rights and obligations between you and this Company shall be governed according to this website terms of use and relevant applicable this website notice or regulations. In the event of any dispute occurred, you may submit a complaint or response according to the customer service contact method as described in this website, both parties shall act in utmost good faith and resolve through negotiation under principles of good faith, equality and mutual benefit. If the dispute is still unresolved, both parties agree to submit it to the jurisdiction of Taipei District Court in the first instance unless otherwise provided in laws.

If there are any matters not provided in this agreement, the interpretation, supplements and handling shall be subject to the laws of Republic of China.