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Our vision

We will change the way people drink water sustainably.

BRITA 願景 水

Water is our element

Our core competence is based in water optimisation, and water is the basis of our business. This means we are shaping one of the most important markets of the future.

At BRITA we are…




BRITA 願景 企業文化 業務會議

Our corporate culture

Communication and collaboration are essential on the BRITA Campus – across all departments and country lines. Everything revolves around the individual and what he or she can contribute to our unique community.

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Our values

We know that certain values have contributed to our company’s success as much as our business strategies have.

BRITA 願景 團隊合作 同仁擊掌

Everyone counts

We can satisfy our ambitions if we join forces – with every single employee – and do our utmost in striving for our common goals. We are aware that energy, professionalism, initiative, and creativity are valuable human resources that cannot be exhausted infinitely.

BRITA 願景 白雪皚皚的山頂

Being market leader

Once we decide to manufacture and market a product or a service, we aim to become market leader in that particular segment. This means we strive to become no. 1 in the world in terms of market share. We will only settle for less in certain regions or market segments if doing so serves our company’s overall goals. Ultimately, we want to offer our sustainable solutions to as many people as we can reach.

Awards of excellence

BRITA vision reddot award winner

Red Dot Award - 2016

In 2016, a jury of international design experts honoured the new BRITA fill&enjoy Fun water filter jug with the reputable Red Dot Award.

BRITA 願景 世紀品牌獎

Brands of the Century - 2016

BRITA was inducted into the 2016 Brands of the Century ranking by the Deutsche Standards publishing house, proving BRITA’s strong foothold in the industry.

販賣 獎項 2016 最佳環境倡議

Vending Awards - 2016

An accolade of environmental excellence, BRITA received the Vending Award 2016 for our on-going commitment to sustainable business practises.

BRITA 願景 if 產品設計獎


The BRITA fill&go water bottle was honoured with the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD in the category ‘Product Design’ in February 2014.

BRITA vision investors in people gold

Investors in People – 2015

In 2015, the “Gold Standard IiP” designation was bestowed on BRITA UK for successfully motivating its staff to achieve success.

Inside BRITA

The BRITA success story

Inside BRITA

Markus Hankammer, CEO BRITA Group

BRITA brita vision CEO Markus Hankammer

Ideally, we will have realised our vision when we celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2066. People will have grown accustomed to getting the right water for their individual needs from BRITA.

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