BRITA On Tap Filter Mount

The smart & simple solution for BRITA filtered water on demand

  • Easy to install without tools
  • Compatible with your existing kitchen tap
  • Filters up to 1,200 liters


BRITA On Tap 龍頭式濾水器安裝座

Switch for great taste

You can always switch between freshly-filtered BRITA water and unfiltered tap water.

BRITA On Tap 龍頭式濾水器安裝座

Ideal for preparing healthy food

Improves the taste of your meals and allows the natural aroma and flavour of foodstuff to develop.

BRITA On Tap 龍頭式濾水器安裝座

Better control

The traffic light system shows the cartridge status with every use and indicates when it’s time to replace it.

Why BRITA On Tap filter mount?


Benefit from budget-friendly advantages. And save money.


Never carry heavy water bottles again!

German quality & design

Count on German quality. Enjoy appealing German design.


An ecological and convenient alternative to bottled water.

Great tasting water

Turns tap water into great tasting, freshly filtered BRITA water.

BRITA On Tap 龍頭式濾水器安裝座

Fast facts

  • Easy mount to any standard kitchen tap without the use of any tools
  • One filter provides up to 1,200 l of great tasting filtered water
  • Filter change LED indicator reminds you when the filter should be replaced
  • Includes 1 x compatible filter
BRITA On Tap 龍頭式濾水器安裝座特寫


1,200 l

17 x 8.5 x 14.3 cm (W x H x D)

Designed to fit any standard kitchen tap.

BRITA On Tap 龍頭式濾水器 濾芯


BRITA On Tap filter cartidge effectively reduces:

  • metals such as lead and copper
  • chemicals such as chlorine and other taste imparing substances

Water teases out flavour

How to make coffee taste outstanding. Surprise your senses.

Read now!

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