Work at BRITA

As an international, medium-sized family business, BRITA offers applicants and employees interesting career prospects. The BRITA brand stands for "hidden champion", a company that has created a market and successfully grown this market globally.

The source of your success

There is a future in water utilisation: Water is not only a vital resource, it is also in ever shorter supply. All the more reason, therefore, to provide drinking water of impeccable quality. The BRITA brand boasts five decades of experience in water optimisation and filtration, and it is not for nothing that the brand is synonymous with drinking water filters.

Drinking water optimisation has many facets. This means: BRITA is permanently developing existing products further and investing in future innovative solutions with a great deal of curiosity and ingenuity. At BRITA, employees have the opportunity of participating in further development of one of the world's leading brands in the segment of drinking water optimisation, and to help grow the brand. As a fast growing company, BRITA offers highly attractive and diverse jobs and development opportunities across all areas that are key for further expansion of the company (e.g. Technology, R&D, Sales, Marketing, Finance).

Creative minds with entrepreneurial qualities work for BRITA, minds that partake in implementing our strategy with great enthusiasm, commitment and innovation, and that appreciate the idea of being proactive in a work climate that is characterised by trust and flexibility.

The main impetus comes from working in teams, not only on an interdisciplinary basis, but also transnationally. It is part of the BRITA philosophy to consider employees to be the basis and core of corporate success.