The BRITA Campus

Since 2010, all our departments in Germany have been in close proximity to each other on the BRITA Campus in Taunusstein. The office concept was designed specifically for BRITA to provide a future-focused form of networking and encourage innovative working.

The BRITA Campus – short interview with Markus Hankammer, BRITA Group CEO

Question: Mr Hankammer, the main building in Heinrich-Hertz-Strasse 1 was upgraded, renovated and specially tailored to the requirements and needs of BRITA. Why did you go to this effort in 2010?
MH: At the end of 2008, we had set a new course with the introduction of our former corporate strategy BRITA B.I.G. and geared ourselves to securing our competitive edge, our sustainable corporate success, or simply our future in times that are constantly changing ever more quickly. By converting the existing building into the new BRITA "headquarters", the aim was to provide the best possible conditions for interdisciplinary working and working on innovations – and I think, we managed to achieve that.  
Question: How did you implement this target?
MH: By using a modern concept that was developed according to these stipulations and with a great deal of input from all staff members in the project team, and in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute. The concept was subsequently implemented with IPF. The office areas of the so-called BRITA office community boast an extremely open design. The "open space" floors in particular, literally bring us closer together. Facilities such as "BRITA Talk" or the "Meeting Points" with a lounge ambience, which have been specially developed for us, aim to encourage an exchange of information between employees. As far as I'm concerned, these are excellent conditions for modern, networked working across all departments.
Question: So far, we have dealt with the concept. What about the people that work here?
MH: Right from the start, it was important for me and my colleagues in the Executive Board that our employees would enjoy being here. This is why we included them in a multi-phase process of questionnaires, workshops and detailed votes, to find out their requirements, which we then also implemented to a large extent. But not only the questionnaires and workshops provided important suggestions. Over and above this, we were able to integrate the latest ergonomic findings into the concept, by collaborating with the Fraunhofer Institute. Last but not least, the entire frontage was renewed and the air-conditioning system replaced, which means that we're also up to date in terms of room temperature and energy consumption.


Fact and figures relating to the building

  • Construction of building ( formerly Europe central office of Motorola): 1973/1974 
  • First expansion and renovation: 1983/1984
  • Property: 74,000 sqm
  • 4600 sqm area for production (emphasis on new technologies) and storage
  • 8000 sqm office space
  • Office workstations for around 325 employees
  • Acquisition by BRITA GmbH, and upgrading, renovation and modernisation: June to December 2009
How to get to the BRITA Campus

The directions show you how to get to the BRITA Campus. 

Jointly developed

We worked with partners in the development and implementation of the BRITA office concept.