Development opportunities at BRITA are extremely diverse. Jobs at BRITA are jobs with multifaceted tasks and a wide range of organisation options.

Take advantage of your opportunities at BRITA

Due to the market in which BRITA has been operating with great success, we have always had a view towards the future. Our driving force is our vision: We will change the way people drink water sustainably. In line with our identity, commitment and optimal collaboration of all our employees form the basis for our success. Our executive personnel make and implement clear decisions, thereby creating a framework within which every individual can act responsibly and in an entrepreneurial manner. Our employees truly appreciate the resultant development opportunities at BRITA.

Besides placing high value on performance-oriented remuneration and above-average social benefits, the focus at BRITA is also on providing opportunities for the individual person. Right from the start, we place trust in everyone who works for us. This trust manifests itself in that employees are given responsibility from day one onwards.

Our identity consequently includes promoting and challenging our staff. BRITA has made it its task to create an appropriate environment: The workstations and infrastructure are of state-of-the-art standard; the working atmosphere is characterised by open interaction with one another. Promoting also means preparing employees for future specialist and management tasks when the next step on the career ladder is imminent. Regular discussions in respect of personal development take place within the framework of comprehensive Talent Management concept.

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