Professional water filters

BRITA offers professional solutions for almost all applications in the HORECA sector: coffee and espresso machines, dishwashers, steamers, drinks/vending machines and ice machines.

Solutions for the restaurant industry, hotel business and catering and vending sectors

Water is the most important resource in restaurants, hotels, catering and the vending sector. Virtually every hot drink or dish requires the addition of water. Commercial water filters from BRITA Professional bring out the best of the drinking water for the application in question. They remove limescale, metal originating from plumbing or substances used in water treatment, such as chlorine.

All this can only improve the functionality of the machines used to prepare drinks and food, as well as the taste of the end product. A solution to any water problem and for any application - that is the standard that BRITA Professional has set for itself. Over the years, this has led to the PURITY product range, which comprises large appliances for any application, right up to the PURITY C filter cartridges, which are available as a decarbonisation filter or as an activated carbon filter. The name PURITY is synonymous with the highest level of product safety, simple handling and optimum improvement of drinking water for food applications.

Modern BRITA water filters not only protect the sensitive technology in the downstream appliances; they also ensure aromatic dishes and drinks, and sparkling dishwashing results. This is enormously important in the restaurant industry, the hotel business and catering sector in particular, as deposits on high-quality machines can lead to failures, and result in increased servicing and repairs, which has a negative impact on efficiency.