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We see it as our task to provide top-quality products that have been produced by means of efficient processes to our customers at reasonable prices. These tasks include procurement of raw materials right through to monitoring of adherence to the BRITA product promise.

Top-quality, safe products

The entire BRITA development and production process is accompanied by numerous tests, checks and measurements. The laboratories and production plants constantly work in accordance with the highest international standards. In addition, our products are tested by reputable, independent institutes, laboratories and scientists on an ongoing basis. All filter cartridges, raw materials and end products at the BRITA production plants are regularly checked according to specified quality requirements. The strict guidelines are applied at all BRITA Group sites.

Even when selecting and checking the raw materials, safety and quality play a vital role. Raw material suppliers are selected and controlled extremely carefully. Suppliers must have a quality management system in place. Every supplier guarantees in writing that its goods comply with BRITA's strict raw material specifications and the applicable statutory provisions. Incoming raw materials are only processed once they have been passed by our quality control staff.

In production, BRITA pays particular attention to rigorous hygiene requirements. Detailed process documentation and checks at the relevant control points guarantee compliance with hygiene regulations.

When BRITA products are supplied to the trade or end customers, traceability is also ensured, enabling BRITA to clearly determine the origin at all times.

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