For 50 years, the company has placed all its energy into innovations in the drinking water filtration and optimization sector with regard to BRITA quality. Consistent expansion and adaptation of the product range has resulted in BRITA establishing its place as leader in technology and quality.

"Innovation at BRITA refers to more than just the development of new products and technologies. It means applying a new way of thinking and constantly introducing changes on a step-by-step basis: changes that can be triggered by any one of us, be they small or big, changes that enable us as a company, an organisation and a collective to become even better and more successful."
Markus Hankammer, BRITA Group CEO

Steps towards the future

Since 1966, BRITA has established itself as a leader in technology and quality through consistent expansion and adaptation of its product range. To retain or expand this excellent competitive position, the company is permanently on the lookout for new ideas for utilisation of its water filter technology. Apart from developing cartridges for the most common applications – gravity-driven, pump-through and plumbed-in technology – BRITA is constantly expanding the range of its products for private use as well as use in large appliances in the restaurant sector or in vending machines. Innovation was also the reason for entering the market segment of pipe-connected water dispensers. The possibilities are extensive, and BRITA has made it its mission to create innovation, to live it, to grow further through it and to secure the future by means of it.

History of BRITA innovations

History of innovations and milestones at a glance

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