For the environment

Water is the basis of our business. For this reason, we strive for careful use of natural resources throughout all departments.

BRITA: inventor of cartridge recycling

Not only is BRITA the inventor of table water filter jugs, it was also the first water filter manufacturer to offer its customers a recycling option for used cartridges as early as 1992. The heart of the BRITA recycling scheme is our own regeneration system with integrated waste water facility at our Taunusstein site. There are various ways for consumers to return used filter cartridges, although these methods may vary from country to country. The team manning the customer hotline of the respective country will be more than happy to provide consumers with information on how you can recycle your used BRITA cartridges. Used filters from the Professional sector are collected as standard when the new ones are delivered.

Over and above the issue of recycling, BRITA goes the extra mile in fulfilling all its environmental obligations. Sparing use of water, prevention of waste, packaging made from at least 80% recycled paper, and bundling of goods flows are additional examples. Since 2010, BRITA has been using 100% TÜV-certified, environmentally-friendly hydropower throughout its headquarters (administration and production) in Taunusstein. This usage of green power results in annual CO₂ savings of 2540 tons, which equals to the CO₂ footprint from 1500 single-family homes. Thereby, BRITA uses 100% eco-electricity at its production plants in Germany, the UK, Switzerland and Italy. With our corporate responsibility initiative “Balance the Impact” is BRITA working to minimize and to some degree “balance” its carbon emissions and environmental impact. In 2015 we calculated the first BRITA corporate carbon footprint, which was reviewed and audited by Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

Since the start of 2012, we can be certain that the consumers of our products are also contributing to environmental and climate protection. The Institute of Applied Material Flow Management (IfaS) at the University of Applied Sciences Trier has calculated the CO₂ footprint for a typical BRITA table water filter system. Compared to bottled water, the amount of carbon dioxide that a table water filter produces during its entire product life cycle is considerably smaller (7.0 g CO₂eq./litre compared to 194 g CO₂eq. for bottled water). By enjoying BRITA filtered water as an alternative to bottled water, we helped our consumers avoid over 250,000 tonnes of CO2 worldwide – the equivalent of the annual emissions of 130,000 cars.

BRITA recycling service

Learn more about our BRITA carbon footprint in our Corporate Carbon Footprint Report 2017. 

Corporate Carbon Footprint Report 2017 (PDF)