For society

Social responsibility and social sponsorship in particular, have always been a part of our corporate culture. That is why BRITA supports both international and national organisations. Our main focus is on social needs, environment, health, sport and culture.

Social Commitment at BRITA

The diversity of BRITA as a company is reflected in the multitude of activities performed by the company and the employees in terms of social or cultural commitment. Naturally the emphasis is on the topic of water. More than a billion people worldwide do not have access to clean water and sufficient food. For this reason, BRITA supports the "Project Waterfall" of the Allegra Foundation in the UK or the "Acorns Association" in Japan, for afforestation of seriously damaged wood.

At the headquarters in Taunusstein, and at other sites too, schools, play schools, music associations and charity organisations benefit from our commitment to social responsibility. Every three years, BRITA is holding an art competition. Moreover, a selection of works from regional artists enhance the working environment of our employees. In addition, BRITA supports amateur and professional sport. Special mention must be given to football in this regard, as we provide support for the SV Wehen Wiesbaden Club.

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Examples of projects initiated and supported by BRITA:
Project Waterfall of the Allegra Foundation