The high quality of BRITA jugs is the result of more than 45 years of experience. Our models were developed to meet a wide range of needs and requirements, but they all have one thing in common: soft, premium quality, great tasting BRITA filtered water.

BRITA jugs have a unique filter system that helps to soften your drinking water. BRITA jugs offer the ideal opportunity to optimise the quality of your drinking water in your home. They not only reduce limescale (carbonate hardness), but also effectively filter out chlorine or any metals from domestic plumbing such as lead or copper.

The new BRITA fill&enjoy Style

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fill&enjoy Fun – small, smart and colourful.

Explore BRITA fill&enjoy Fun

Marella – Water filtration never looked better

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BRITA filters come in six different models that are all based on the proven BRITA principle. The full aroma of hot drinks and food can be released if they are prepared with BRITA filtered water. In addition, those valuable domestic appliances are protected, as tenacious limescale residues are a thing of the past thanks to BRITA filtered water.