BRITA Integrated Solutions:

The quality of the basic products is key for the ultimate enjoyment of coffee and tea. But your drink is only perfect if the right water is used. This is where the BRITA filter cartridge comes in. You will see and taste the difference.

Renowned partners trust in BRITA. Take advantage of enhanced enjoyment!

Using the BRITA filter cartridge in the various partner appliances provides an attractive 2-in-1 solution. First the water is BRITA-optimised and then either heated or cooled, depending on the application. These practical, combined domestic appliances create space in your kitchen, and are convenient and easy to operate.

BRITA filter cartridges are found in domestic appliances that derive additional benefit from water filtration. These include espresso and coffee machines, water filter kettles, hot and cold water dispensers, fridges, and water filter systems that are connected to your water tap.

  • Not only the quality of the coffee machine and the coffee used play a key role when it comes to complete enjoyment of coffee. The quality of the water used is just as important. The lower the carbonate hardness, the better the conditions for the flavours to develop. At the same time, less limescale builds up in the appliance. This increases the lifespan of the appliance and ensures consistent, reliable brewing efficiency.
  • Chilled water and other cold drinks are perfect thirst quenchers. The trend is towards solutions that are integrated into the fridge. To enjoy chilled water of optimal quality, renowned manufacturers offer BRITA optimised water in their fridge models.
  • You need more than good-quality coffee or tea to ensure a great taste. Hot beverages can only develop their full flavour if the right water is used. Kettles or hot water dispensers with integrated filter technology guarantee full flavour development in hot beverages.